direct response television advertisingDRTV

drtv, direct response television advertising

when a company decides to advertise on television it can be for a vast array of different reasons.  such as, brand awareness, online and offline campaign compensation, general branding (BRTV), product launch, charitable donations (DRTV), activity and pleasure advertising delivering general drtv impacts and a call to action.

not enough is done to understand the clients brief and too much emphasis lies on big budget media gurus who actually keep their best stuff up their sleeves for the very large clients with the deep pockets!  we have a massively talented not normal team and script writing expert in house who love drtv creative writing, space buying and airtime booking.

not normal drtv is hyper creative for clients, utilising a cost effective low budget approach delivering not normal results and a great deal of repeat business.  we deliver from concept to creationwhy would anyone not repeat if they were making money? we think it's quite simple but other advertising agencies would rather you did not know what we will tell you.  get your product on Uk drtv next month, it's that simple, advise us of your budget and we will do the rest, call today!

drtv creates excellent brand awareness whilst also capturing a call to action, IF the campaign is run correctly.

do not settle for second best drtv advice and your agency telling you the problem is the advert or your ability to spend!

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